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Imaging Associates

Communicating a radiology practice with a clear difference

The Request

Imaging Associates set out to create a new radiology practice with a difference; one that truly puts the patient first, providing a warm, personalised and kind human experience. Their founding philosophy remains proudly unchanged, yet they required a website that was able to expertly position and differentiate it as a brand innovator and leader in Radiology.

The Result

Powered by thoughtful design that expertly positions and communicates their unique capabilities and culture, we transformed their website into a lightning fast solution that delivers an industry leading brand and information experience for both their patient customers and medical industry partners.

The Site

Excellence from every angle.

The Full Story

Our strategic discovery process determined that whilst the Imaging Associates brand is recognised as a leader in Radiology, its previous website did not successfully communicate its stature in the industry, culture and brand values, or commitment to innovation.

Imaging Associates radiology centres are designed to reflect day spas as opposed to traditional medical centres, where people are put at ease immediately, assisting them deliver a much higher patient experience.

A focus on UX and UI design was required to effectively communicate to target audiences, as well as a redevelopment on a new web platform that was easy to maintain and also serve as a platform for future growth.

Accordingly, the key components of the project brief were:
  • Market positioning and differentiation from competitors
    • Focus on positioning the Imaging Associates brand as an innovator and leader in Radiology. Through this process powerfully communicate the organisation’s values and brand personality to differentiate from key competitors.
  • Effectively communicate to target audiences
    • Communicate key, relevant information (covering industry leadership, strength and breadth of services and modalities through to company values and culture) to Imaging Associates’s target audiences of Patients, Referrers, Medical Practice Managers and potential Employees.
    • Help patients find key information, and make them feel at ease through the presentation of information, including more detailed practitioner profiles.
  • Increase high-value referrals
    • Play a key role in the organisation’s marketing objectives to increase high-value referrals in MRIs, CT and Ultrasounds to professional medical practitioners.
  • Strong technology platform
    • Provide a leading-edge technology platform that acts as a platform for future growth and provides improved administrative ease of use.
imaging associates mobile screens

Leading-edge “Headless” web platform

To be achieve the project goals, we created a leading-edge web platform that was a custom Headless website development, utilising WordPress as the CMS. The term “headless” comes from the concept of removing the “head” (front-end) of the website from the “body” (the back-end CMS and the content repository).

The headless approach delivers enormous benefits, specifically with page load speed and website security. This approach was imperative to deliver a website with faster page load speed.

imaging associates mobile screens

Instant search and content filtering

Combined with the headless development model, we integrated Algolia technology, a leading content Search and Discovery Platform that delivers world class user experiences through instant search and content filtering display.

Fast, intuitive access to information

From our strategy process, we knew that Imaging Associate’s different customer groups all required intuitive, fast access to different content areas; from the patient trying to understand where their nearest clinic is located, who the practitioner is they’ll be seeing and the procedure being undertaken, through to the medical professional interested in obtaining patient referral resources, gaining access to professional development events and learning detailed information on Imaging Associates expertise.

Accordingly, the Information Architecture had to provide simple, clear navigation design that provided direct access to the different website sections. This challenge was achieved through strategic and considered UX and UI design, aided by the use of Algolia technology that allows instant and intuitive content search.

imaging associates appointment screen

Reflecting unique brand values

As an organisation with a unique culture and brand experience that challenges how radiology clinics look, feel and approach the patient experience, it was imperative that the user interface design reflected these values. Our design closely followed the existing brand aspects (logo and colour palette), whilst cohesively extending these guidelines to embrace a website design that showcases professionalism, approachability and warmth in equal measure.

Content templates and presentation

With so much content housed within the site, Imaging Associates also require the ability to powerfully structure and present content easily and with flexibility within the CMS.

To meet this requirement, bespoke, dedicated website templates were created for the different content sections, all consisting of structured layout components combined with flexible modules that can be utilised in different ways, yet in a consistent information delivery and brand approach.

imaging associates website page speed

Speed driving user experience

The design and technology approach implemented for the project has delivered substantial user experience benefits. Most significantly is with web page load speed, was has improved by a staggering 81%.

Increased engagement

Other user experience improvements have been recorded across the board, including increases in the following:

  • Number of Sessions per User – increased by 12.75%
  • Page views – increased by 26%
  • Pages viewed per Session – increased by 61.66%
  • Average Session Duration – increased by 30.35%
  • Bounce Rate – improved by 35.31%
  • Exit Rate – improved by 38.14%
imaging associates staff screens

Improving the customer experience

In addition to these statistical results, the user experience was enhanced throughout the site by providing:

Patients with intuitive access and clear presentation of information on:

  • the different clinics and book appointments online through improved UX form design.
  • patient services offered.
  • appointment process and procedures.

Medical professionals with intuitive access to view detailed information on:

  • industry education events.
  • medical services.
  • technology.
  • procedures, including enhanced online referral submission through improved UX form design.
2022 Melbourne Design Awards - Avenue
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