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Drive business growth with a website or app that speaks to your audience

We understand that SMEs need a web or app presence that’s both effective & affordable. Small is cool, but often you need to punch above your weight.

We’re dedicated to delivering massively effective solutions for SMEs that allow you to elevate your online presence & drive maximum value out of your website or app. Our focus is on creating focused & scalable solutions that use best practice UX + UI design & development technologies. We’re all about understanding where SMEs are at & what they need to succeed.

Strategic website & app solutions for SMEs

Strategic UX + UI Design that communicates your unique value

We believe your website or app should be a powerful tool for communicating the unique value of your business. Our approach integrates your brand strategically, ensuring your message resonates with your audience.

Our websites and apps not only look great but also effectively convey your benefits and expertise, all focused on engaging and connecting with target audiences to drive leads and conversions.

Cutting-edge technology that’s optimised for performance

Our solutions are built on open web and app technologies, optimised for speed, engagement and conversions. We understand the importance of a fast, responsive website or app in today’s digital landscape.

Our design ensures a seamless user experience across all devices and platforms, ensuring your business stands out in a crowded online space.

Scalable solutions allowing you to grow with confidence

We tailor our solutions to meet the evolving needs of SMEs. Whether you’re starting small or ready to expand, we offer a range of options to support your growth.

With flexible designs and a focus on scalability, we provide comprehensive web and app solutions that grow with your business.

Think we can help?

If you’re an SME looking for a strategic, affordable web or app solution, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discover how we can drive your business growth with a website or app that truly speaks to your audience.

Case study: Lumi

Streamlining small business funding

The challenge

Aiming to streamline small business funding, we meticulously crafted the branding and UX + UI design for Lumi’s marketing website and customer web application.

The solution

Our goal was to powerfully launch their brand into the marketplace with a clear message: removing the guesswork from the funding process.

The impact

By focusing on clarity and user experience, we helped Lumi make a significant impact and provide a seamless journey for their customers.

Avenue startups case study - Lumi website homepage
Avenue startups case study - Lumi brand icons
Avenue startups case study - Lumi brand design
UI user interface design case study - Lumi
Avenue startups case study - Lumi customer web application
Avenue startups case study - Lumi landing page
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