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Web Development

Our web development services build high-performing, cutting-edge websites

We redefine web development with our cutting-edge technology stack and expertise in headless website builds using WordPress.

Our approach is centred around delivering websites that are not just functional but also blazingly fast, secure & tailored to expertly communicate your brand.

Our websites harness leading open web technologies & comprehensive front-end & back-end web development expertise

Delivering competitive advantage through our cutting-edge web technology stack

We embrace a leading-edge ‘headless’ development model, separating the front-end design from the CMS functionality and content. This approach allows for:

  • breakthrough user experiences
  • lightning-fast site speed
  • enhanced security

Our websites are powered by Next.js React Framework, ensuring top-notch performance and responsiveness.

Our front-end & back-end web development expertise

Our dedicated development team possesses leading expertise in both front-end and back-end development.

We ensure that every aspect of your website, from immersive user interfaces to robust back-end architecture, is created with precision and care.

Key features of our web development service

Responsive design
  • We prioritise mobile-first design, ensuring your website is highly intuitive and functional across all devices.
Custom solutions
  • Say goodbye to traditional WordPress themes and plugins.
  • If you’re expecting a cheap WordPress site with plugins, best to look elsewhere.
  • We create custom solutions tailored to your brand and objectives.
Speed & Security
  • Our headless approach and use of CDN distribution result in unparalleled site speed and improved security.
  • Our websites are designed to organically reach and connect with a wider audience, supporting high-level organic search engine placement.
WCAG Accessibility
  • We aim for high-level accessibility, striving to meet WCAG guidelines and ensuring an inclusive user experience.

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Our web development expertise in action

Case study: ANU Reporter

Website development case study - ANU Reporter
Delivering immersive and accessible storytelling.
The Challenge

The Australian National University (ANU) sought to redefine the traditional university publication, aiming to deliver a dynamic, engaging digital experience through its ANU Reporter website.

The Solution

Avenue engineered a cutting-edge, headless website that supports a high level of WCAG accessibility. This new platform was crafted to handle rich multimedia content seamlessly and provide an intuitive user experience focused on immersive storytelling.

The Impact

The revitalised ANU Reporter website presents a fresh, accessible digital presence for ANU, empowering faculty and staff to easily create and share compelling content. With features tailored for engagement and inclusivity, the site supports a diverse range of media and content types, ensuring every story is captivating and easy to navigate.

Additionally, the project has garnered international acclaim, earning multiple design awards and recognitions.

Case study: Inspiration Grid

Website development case study - Inspiration Grid
Elevating Creative Discovery
The Challenge

Inspiration Grid, recognized globally as a premier hub for curated creative content, required a website transformation to enhance user experience and manage its substantial traffic—3.7 million doses of design inspiration annually.

The Solution

Avenue reimagined Inspiration Grid with a fresh, scalable design built for speed and functionality. This comprehensive redesign focused on improving discoverability and user engagement across a wide array of creative fields.

The Impact

The new Inspiration Grid platform now efficiently handles over 1.22 TB of image data monthly, with nearly 4 million page views from over a million users worldwide. The adoption of a headless architecture ensures robust security and high-speed delivery, making the site a sustainable and cutting-edge resource for endless design inspiration.

Our web development service is about more than just building websites. It’s about creating digital platforms that elevate your brand, engage your audience & drive growth. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a splash or an established organisation seeking to innovate, Avenue is here to bring your vision to life.
Brenton Cannizzaro
Digital Growth Director

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