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14 Jul 20



June 2020's Roundup

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

FineFixer NSW
In 2017 we worked alongside service design experts PaperGiant to develop the Victorian FineFixer website. The success of the project has now led to the development of the NSW version of FineFixer, so if you're in either Victoria or New South Wales, check out to get the best possible help with any fines you may have.
Fix it
The reason Zoom calls drain your energy
'Zoom Fatigue' is a real thing. Here's the science behind why video calls require more focus and energy than in-person meetings.
Zoom out
Apple's new iOS & OS - the next big thing in UI Design
Here's an in-depth look at how Apple's new software design styling will influence the future of user interfaces.
What is Skeuomorphism?
3 cognitive biases that affect online purchase behaviour
This is a fascinating article on 3 common biases that influence our online purchase behaviour and perception of websites.
You're biased
Basecamp’s Jason Fried on the learning curve of remote work
There’s a tonne of tips out there on working remotely, but few have been doing it as successfully as Basecamp have for the last 20 years.
Remote control
How Airbnb drives users’ actions with their landing page design
The art and science of driving conversions through a highly effective landing page.
Breakfast not included
How to write a subtitle that makes your headline shine
Here’s a great guide with tips and examples of how to write great marketing subtitles.
Perfect pairing
5G will disrupt digital experiences. Here’s what you need to know.
The fifth-generation mobile network will be faster and more reliable. It will also catapult us into the next generation of mobile technology.
Gotta go fast
Why the Tesla truck is designed the way it is
The Tesla Cybertruck’s design seems to many as something that was picked up right out of a kids sketchbook. There’s a reason for that.
What the truck?
How to design mobile apps for one hand usage
90% of the smartphones sold today have displays bigger than 5 inches. Bigger screens present newer challenges and opportunities for app makers and designers.
Thumb and thumber
30 tips for signup flows
Attracting traffic to a website is not an easy task, and making visitors stay there is even more difficult.
Sign me up
Inspiration from the Grid
Our favourite creative post from Inspiration Grid recently is the stunning editorial illustrations by Samantha Mash, a freelance illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, who's work is focused on pushing the space between line work, shapes, and light to create a sense of fluidity, colour, and form.
Fluid movement
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