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30 Sep 19



July to September's 2019 Roundup

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

2019 Melbourne Design Awards
We're humbled to have the opportunity to work with amazing humans like the teams at Sculptform and Visit Ballarat to produce memorable digital experiences.
So it was awesome to have them with us at the 2019 Melbourne Design Awards ceremony and celebrate the success of their website projects.
It’s time to start treating Support as part of the User Experience
The title of this article really says it all. No product or service experience is ever 100% perfect, so that makes support imperative to delivering a truly great customer experience. Read on to get awesome tips on how to lift your support game.
Support is UX
Chernobyl: The true cost of technical debt
Technical debt is the concept that poorly written or badly planned code will need to be fixed to stop it causing future problems. Here's a fascinating article on how the Chernobyl disaster is a perfect example of the true cost of technical debt.
Plan now or pay later
Dark UI — why, when & where?
Dark UI's have become the hottest new kid on the block. Designing them though isn't anywhere near straight forward. This article outlines useful tips on how to plan the design process for dark UI screens.
Turn of the lights
What's hot in social media marketing
Tereza Litsa from "The Startup" writes on the most important things driving value in social media marketing at the moment. Some cool take-aways here - so well worth the read.
It's all about real engagement
Brands that are totally killing it with voice, tone & style (& how you can, too)
Here's a cool article on the approaches of brands that are consistently delivering great customer experiences.
This will help you find your voice
What I learned about design from travel in Japan
If you've been lucky enough to visit or live in Japan you'll know how awesome a place it is. A big part of its awesomeness is how well it's designed. From the Modus blog, here's a few of the great examples of design improving life in Japan.
Nihon arigatō
The customer is not a moron, they're humans
David Ogilvy was the original master of treating people with intelligence in advertising. Copywriter Cole Schafer reminds us of these values and the importance of always marketing with value, intelligence and inspiration.
Marketing needs to be intelligent
The Nike Joyride 'Bead Cloud'. A new level of experiential marketing
So how do you promote a new running shoe that feels smooth, effortless, and freeing during a run? You build amazing and beautiful artistic sculptures and apps that highlight the playfulness and convey the essence of what it’s like to go running in them.
Just do it
Where design breaks as startups scale
Great article by Elijah Woolery from the Design Better blog where he outlines thorough examples of how to avoid the pitfalls of design failures when companies grow.
Collaborate or die
Inspiration from the Grid
Our favourite creative post from Inspiration Grid recently is the visually stunning branding and art direction for Izze Fusions (a healthy sparkling beverage targeting the Gen-Z audience) by Jessica Walsh.
Fuse the flavour!
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