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30 Jan 19



January 2019's Roundup

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

The State of UX for 2019
It’s the season for trend articles, and this one from Anthony Miller is great. He outlines both what happened with key 2018 UX trends, as well as anticipating what will be big things in UX for 2019.
Keeping up with the Joneses…
The “problem first” design process
Great article for all designers from UX Collective, where Kaushik Panchal outlines the concept of “problem first design”; a design process philosophy of once you truly understand the problem, designing a solution will be simple.
What, Why, Who…
So, you want to log in…
Logging in has become an essential part of today’s online world. It doesn’t have to be cumbersome though. Get the process right, and you can greatly enhance user experience. Some simple, yet essential tips in this great article from the Prototypr blog.
No password required…
10 Small Design Mistakes Designers Still Make
This article highlights that due to human behaviour only changing slowly, designers need to remind themselves of the core principles required to deliver great products.
Don’t make me think…
5 UX Principles You Must Adhere to for an Awesome UX Design
Here’s 5 essential user experience principles designers should always follow
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
Designing accessible escape hatches for modals
Modal boxes appear constantly throughout digital experiences. Finding easy ways to exit these boxes however isn’t as common. Some great tips in this article from San Francisco based Linzi Berry in how to design great modal box exit mechanisms.
Tap to read more…
Big Review of 2019 UI Design Trends
UX Planet has collated the top trends it feels will influence UI and UX Design in 2019. It’s on the money with great examples. If you only read one “trend” article, make it this one.
The best 10 minutes you’ll spend today…
How to design a payment form your customers will actually complete
Despite eCommerce firmly entrenched in our lives, terrible online payment forms still widely exist and are seen as one of the main reason that 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned. This is a detailed and thorough article on key principles to design and build better payment forms.
Take my money…
How Google approaches SEO
Organic search engine placement is a complex beast, yet there’s just a few simple principles that Google looks for. Get these right and your SEO troubles are half gone. From the “Think with Google” blog, this article lists the 3 ways they think about SEO.
Get inside Google’s head…
Separating Content
We read a few great articles from San Francisco based design systems lead Linzi Berry this month. In this post she gets down into the nitty gritty of how establishing content hierarchy with divider lines can vastly improve usability. It’s UI Designer gold.
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Inspiration from the Grid
Our favourite creative post from Inspiration Grid in January are the intriguing collages of LA-based designer Ozan Karakoc, where he uses personal photographs, licensed stock images, magazine cutouts, and real brush strokes created with acrylic paint.
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