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30 Aug 18



August 2018's Roundup

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

Instagram may become the place to read your favourite novels
Fast Company showcase how The New York Public Library is embracing social platforms to reach a greater audience and provide access to the world’s great novels. Starting with *‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’*, the library has transformed the classic novel into an Instagram story.
You know you should read more
It’s Google, but for colors
Picular is a new design tool that is built around Google image search. You simply enter a search term and it then presents you with a myriad of colour options, all based on results from Google image search.
A color-picker thanks to the Internet
User experience forms the back-bone to the new, New York Times
The New York Times has a redesigned web interface. Fast Company outlines how the NYT studied readers and prototyped extensively to find better ways to surface news and analysis, with a focus on user experience and making journalism matter.
There’s nothing fake about this newspaper site redesign
So does promoting your company on Facebook actually work?
Let’s face it, the whole world is basically on Facebook. So for companies it represents a treasure trove of opportunity to reach target customers. Or does it? This is a great article from The Next Web, where using detailed statistical analysis they outline how effective both company profile accounts and advertising can actually be for organisations on Facebook.
Fake news isn’t Facebook’s only concern atm…
Using customer feedback & team expertise to deliver competitive advantage
Every company has problems to solve. Everyone wants their company to be innovative, yet invariably through risk management and uncertainty, organisations commonly turn to established methods to try and address the problems they need to solve. ‘More Space for Light’ outline how a collaborative problem solving framework can deliver competitive advantage.
You should be racing to learn about design sprints
5 Must Read Articles on Empathy and UX Design
What exactly is ‘empathy’ in relation to User Experience Design? Career Foundry has published a great series of articles on Empathy and UX Design.
Get empathetic
Inspiration from the Grid
Our favourite creative post from Inspiration Grid in August is the amazing Lettering Artworks by Tobias Saul, a German artist who combines traditional craftsmanship with digital techniques to create unique his stunning typographic artworks.
For the love of type
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