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04 Aug 20



A slow website = lost customers

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

Did you know Google will actually penalise you if your page is slow? A lot of people ignore this fact, but a slow loading page can be detrimental to your business and the overall customer experience.

The number 1 most important aspect for all websites is now page load speed.

And there's a very important reason for this.

Google now penalises sites that are slow.

And the reason is because slow websites mean poor user experience.

Google only wants to promote sites that provide great user experiences, so if your site is slow, it now faces being penalised in Google's organic search rankings.

Extensive research has been done on page speed, and if you think it doesn't really matter or concern you, well you need to consider the full reality of what it means.

Slow = lost customers.

And that's because slow speed results in:

  • less sales,
  • less leads,
  • less conversions, and
  • less engagement on your site.

The stats around this are frightening.

Mobile websites that take more than 3 seconds to load have a 53% bounce rate. That's more than half of all your visitors leaving without going past that first page due to it being slow.

79% of customers that are dissatisfied with site performance are less likely to buy from you again.

And a 12% drop in conversion rate occurs for every additional second a site takes to load.

So if you manage a website, you must look into this.

And keep in mind fast doesn't mean a plain and simple website. Even the most graphically rich and interactive sites can load fast - they just need to be built well.

This article originally appeared on Linked In.

Brenton Cannizarro
Believing hair should be long and celebrated, Brenton was ironically bald at 28. A lover of the world game, he will never walk alone, and also has a deep passion for hard rock music.
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