The future of LinkedIn
UI Design · UX Design · Concept

Working in close collaboration with the CEO and CSO of product innovation company Zero, Avenue produced this redesign concept for LinkedIn, exploring an improved user experience and interface for the professional network, while introducing new tools and considering how we might undertake business in the future.

As part of the project, we also produced animated segments and interactions for Zero's promotional video (above).


A new dashboard

The reimagined dashboard introduces voice commands, allowing users to search, navigate the site and post updates.

LinkedIn's new AI delivers relevant content specifically tailored to its users, using real-time behavior data analysis. The streamlined navigation system ensures a consistent user experience across devices and screen sizes.


The Marketplace

The Marketplace is a multilingual platform that allows LinkedIn users to find projects and opportunities across region, deal size and vertical of expertise.


The new Talk-In feature combined with a “LiveTranslate” functionality allows users from all over the world to connect with suppliers, partners and job candidates.

Profile Pages

The redesigned user profile page introduces “Promote your profile”, a feature that displays your availability status for new projects and opportunities.


Company Profiles

The new company profile delivers a more immersive brand experience, with deeper content and richer presentation. The marketplace widget presented on the sidebar brings powerful business development opportunities for individuals and organizations.